Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense Attorneys

Kevin Short is one of the most experienced and successful attorneys defending criminal sexual conduct cases in the state of Minnesota. He can help you if you are falsely accused. He can also help you if you committed a sex offense.

One of Kevin's first jury trials as a young prosecutor in 1983 was a child molestation case. The verdict was not guilty, and Kevin learned a lot in that unpleasant process. Over the next five years, Kevin prosecuted another 10 criminal sexual conduct cases, winning every one of them. But as Kevin frequently tells his prospective clients, an average trial lawyer can win most of his cases as a prosecutor.

Over the past 25 years, Kevin has tried almost 20 criminal sexual conduct cases to a jury. He has won an outright acquittal on all charges for every one of those clients. Just as an average prosecutor can win most of his or her cases, even the very best criminal defense attorneys in the country do not win every case they try. Kevin is very proud of the fact that he has never lost a criminal sexual conduct case as a defense attorney.

If you have been falsely accused of a sexual assault, you need a lawyer who has a proven record of trying and winning these types of cases. Too many criminal sexual conduct defendants make the mistake of hiring a private lawyer without ever asking the lawyer how many sex cases he or she has tried and how many of those he or she has won.

Many people accused of criminal sexual conduct have done something wrong. Kevin Short prosecuted hundreds of sexual assault cases that were resolved by a guilty plea. In the 27 years he has been a criminal defense attorney, Kevin has had well over 100 clients plead guilty. In all but two of those cases, the client was not sent to prison. Those good defense results arose from hard work in the plea negotiations and sentencing process. Kevin has developed the professional relationships with sex offender treatment professionals and with chemical dependency professionals, which are so often the key to keeping defendants who plead guilty out of prison.

Whether you are falsely accused or you want the court to allow you to receive treatment rather than send you to prison, Kevin Short has a proven track record.