Embezzlement Defense Attorney Serving Minnesota

Federal prosecutors take allegations of corporate theft extremely seriously. Because the penalties for white collar convictions have become more and more severe, it is essential to make the right choice when hiring an attorney to represent you.

At the law office of Kevin J. Short, you can work with one of Minnesota's best lawyers when it comes to fighting federal charges. Few attorneys in Minnesota can compare to Kevin Short's skills and experience when it comes to defending against embezzlement charges.

If you are the subject of a federal embezzlement investigation, contact Kevin as soon as possible.

What Is At Stake If You Are Facing Embezzlement Charges?

If you are facing embezzlement charges, it means that you allegedly stole money that you managed. This can range from a bank teller pocketing money deposited by customers to a corporate CEO using business funds to illegally fund a lavish lifestyle.

An experienced lawyer like Kevin Short can craft an embezzlement defense strategy that best meets your needs and forces prosecutors to meet their burden of proof.

That includes working with forensic accountants to comb through your financial records to determine the strength of the allegations or argue that someone else had access to the money. Kevin will look for every possible opportunity to get charges reduced or dismissed. He will be thoroughly prepared to go to trial if necessary.

Do Not Wait If You Are Under Investigation. Call Kevin Short Today.

With years in federal prison and the potential for millions of dollars in restitution on the line, you can be sure that Kevin Short understands what is at stake for you. Kevin has helped numerous people facing white collar charges avoid indictments and prison. He can do the same for you.

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